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About Sumy

Sumy is a city of regional significance in the north-east part of Ukraine in Slobozhanshchina, the administrative center of Sumy region. The city is situated at the banks of Psel River with confluent of Sumka. The population of the city total 266 thousand people with the area is 95.4 km². When the settlement was founded in 1652, it was called "Sumyna Sloboda". After the reorganization of the sloboda into the city in 1656, the name was changed to "Sumyn".  During 1650-1660- the letter "n" gradually disappeared and the city received the modern name - Sumy.

There is a legend that at the banks of the river Sumka (or in the river itself), the first settlers found three hunting bags with gold coins. This retelling has been reflected in the urban symbols (on the emblem and the city flag)

City of architectural heritage  

Sumy is a place, which is wide range for its architectural heritage.  The entire monuments of the city are its longstanding streets. There every building has own history, which take its beginning from the langsyne. In addition, its main element is central area of the city, so-called “Horod” is situated within the boundaries of castle and main part of Cossack sloboda. In the understanding of the sumians “to go to the city” means “to walk along the center of the city”. The old city area includes such modern streets as Soborna, Voskresenska, Kozatskyi Val, Kooperatyvna, Troitska, Petropavlivska.

Soborna Street appeared at the end of the 18-th century. In a result of the rebuilding of Sumy by the general plan of 1786 year.  Initially it was called "Moskovska." This street maintained great part of old buildings of pre-revolutionary times, which were built mainly after 1845. There is in a majority two-storey houses with wide basements and halls. As in that times as nowadays, the street was financial, commercial and industrial center and now you can fell the soul of that epoch even just walking along Soborna Street. Holy Transfiguration Cathedral is a focal element of historical center. It was built on the place of the wooden transfiguration church, which existed in the years of city foundation. In 1788, citizens developed on that place brick church. The construction needed more than one million bricks, that’s why it was even built separate brickyard. The cathedral got modern outlook in 1892. The clock for the cathedral was produced in 1884 by Winter Company (St. Petersburg) and Woipe (Bockenem, Germany). Holy Transfiguration Cathedral of Sumy is a single in the city Orthodox Church, on the dome of which Catholic sculptures was installed.

Voskresenska Street, which is also abundant in longstanding architecture, is situated parallel to Soborna Street. It get her name from the ancient Cossack temple - Holy Resurrection Cathedral. It was built in 1702 by the initiative of the Cossack colonels Gerasim and Andriy Kondratiev. In addition, the cathedral played a role as one of the parts of the Sumy fortress - thick walls, special windows for guns and numerous underground passages that have not survived to our time. In 1791, it burned down, but was subsequently restored, and now, after the restoration work that took place in the early 2000's, it got practically original outlook.

The small provincial city of Sumy, which has grown from 10 300 inhabitants in 1850 to 50 400 in 1915, thanks to its industrial and cultural development, is largely respects to the activities of the Kharytonenko and his son's trading house. That was they, who created sugar factories in the city and made from it the "Sugar Capital" of those days Russian Empire. Therefore, Sugar is loved in Sumy, so do not be surprised if you will meet “Sweet Tooth Kids” with a bag of sugar or even a whole sugar monument during your walking around the city!

Exactly in that time the current streets of Petropavlivska and Troitska were formed, which are still abundant with the rich houses of merchants and landlords, temples and rich facades of government or commercial institutions, educational institutions.

At the time of the city's heyday appeared also the secret symbol of Sumy – Altanka. Octal open wooden construction was built on a high brick basement in 1900-1901. There is a legend that the gazebo was built on the place of a well drilled during unsuccessful oil exploration. When it was building, no nails were used. During the 1905-1907 revolution, the gazebo was burned down several times by the Black Hundreds, and in 1913 it was rebuilt.

However, should not think that the architectural heritage of the city is only its historical center. In every corner of Sumy you can find interesting monuments, sculptures or buildings.

City of bright impressions and modern trends

It is not necessary to think that Sumy is a provincial city, which can boast only by its architectural monuments. Sumy is a city of rash impressions, new discoveries and bright events!

In that season, when the weather blooms and poured by the life, rhythms of music are heard and smells of tasty food are felt above the city. As every spring “Kviten’SumyFest” is opened in the city. This is charitable fest of street food, which gathers more and more participants every year. On it you can taste delicious food from different parts of the world, play interesting games, take part in various master classes, make interesting photos and much more! The main slogan of the festival is "Good deeds are delicious", because all the money collected during the action goes to charity.

In the first half of May, Sumy turns into an artistic and cultural platform for one night. Exactly at "Night of Museums», all the galleries and museums of the city are open to visitors. Exactly on this day extraordinary performances take place, showpieces come to life and an unusual world of museum and gallery affairs.

At all times, young people loved holidays, and it is impossible to celebrate their "professional" holiday without a large scale at all. That is why in Sumy this "Youth Day" is always celebrated brightly. Fire show, sports competitions, masterclasses, fairs, concerts and many other interesting events annually give the best impression for every citizen of the city.

But there is a day when you can see the city completely different. At "Night of the City" from the very dinnertime and till the night you can see the heroes of paintings, poems, which seemed to come to life and decided to walk through the longstanding streets. On the lane, streets of the historic quarter, you can hear and see theatrical performances, installations, take part in artistic masterclasses. It is on this day the city turns into an art area that reveals another, sacred vision of the city.

However, that is far from the whole list of those events that may affect the guests of the city of Sumy!

City of cultural development

The city of Sumy has something to show as well as righteous connoisseurs of high music. Every year, on the day of the Constitution of Ukraine, all-Ukrainian Festival of Brass Band Orchestras "Surmy of Ukraine" takes place exactly in Sumy. This action, which collects dozens of musical groups from different corners of Ukraine and the world can impress everyone by its scope! As, you will be able to hear a variety of musical compositions in the virtuoso performance of the famous orchestras walking around the city, only in Sumy.

In addition to this, every autumn a grand International Festival of Classical Music "Bahfest" takes place on the musical stage of Sumy Philharmonic. About a month, performers from different corners of Ukraine and the world demonstrate their virtuoso play on classical musical instruments on the Sumy stage.

We also have something to interest theater lovers. Every year, under the slogan "Art for Peace", "Chekhovfest" opens its doors to theaters. Not only performances that are pleasing to the audience are special, but also the awards that are waiting for the artists. On the days of the festival you can see the unequalled play of actors from all over Ukraine on theater grounds of the city.

The epicenter of the cultural and artistic life of the city is called the Sumy City Gallery, which is the structural subdivision of the "Promotion Agency" Sumy". The exposition space of the gallery consists of two showrooms and a hall with a total area of ​​about 200 sq. m. The exhibition gallery range can encourage the wishes and tastes of any art connoisseur. Here you can see exhibitions of famous artists of Ukraine and the world in artistic forms of painting, sculptures, graphics, photographs, etc. In addition to the exhibition activities, the exposition space is the venue for other activities in the cultural life of the city - lectures on art, meetings with authors, master classes, poetry readings, concerts, and press conferences. Annually in the gallery there are about 60 exhibitions.

So, discovering the city of Sumy is to feel new impressions, open new horizons and experience new emotions!