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"Na Psilskii"

Beer restaurant "Na Psilskii" in Sumy is location with the mini-brewery "AS-Beer", which produces an original drink of three brands: "Psilsky light", "Psilsky dark", "Psilsky unfiltered". The pub "Na Psilskii" is located in a quiet area of ​​the city, next to the hotel "Khimik", not far from the Trinity Church.

Two long halls are decorated in classic English pub style. The walls of the non-smoking room are covered with beer labels from different countries and times (collection was gathered by the owner of the bar). There is a large summer playground.

The menu "Na Psilskii" serves a variety of beer snacks: steaks, sausages, fried potatoes. Speciality of the restaurant is "Snidanok po-seliansky" (sausage, cured pork fat, potatoes, eggs, onions).