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The family restaurant "Shafran" in Sumy is located in the picturesque area of ​​the city on the Chekha lakeside. It enters the hotel and restaurant complex "Shafran". It opened as part of the restaurant chain of premium class "Mirovaia Karta".

The literal decoration of the eastern way of life are rich patterned fabrics present in almost every centimeter of the restaurant, flow through the walls, drape tables, folds from the tops of tents, ottomans, low sofas, wicker wool rugs, eastern silks, painting. In the center of the main hall is iwan, a stylized Uzbek tent which draped with silk fabrics with tassel and chiffon. There is a separate VIP-hall.

There are Uzbek, Ukrainian and European cuisine. Shafran Restaurant serves sausages, Luleh kebab, dumplings, and chebureks. Main dishes are fragrant mutton pilaf with barberry, traditional Kish-Mish pilaf with veal and raisins, spicy zigir.

Background music, lounge, and folklore play there. There is a hotel.